More Best Practices for Business Travelers

As you’re well aware, the key to a smooth business trip is knowledge and preparation. So, back by popular demand, are even more business travel tips to help you save time and money, reduce your stress, and actually enjoy your business trip.

Stop, and copy important documents. This is something you should do today, if you haven’t done so already. Make copies of your important documents – scan your passport, birth certificate, credit-card numbers, driver’s license, medical, and other important information, and store them securely online somewhere you can access it 24/7. If you happen to lose them, it will make recovery a lot easier and less stressful.

Keep travel documents and receipts organized. Nothing’s worse than getting to the airline, rental car, or hotel desk and having to hunt for your reservation information. Whenever you receive an email related to your trip, print it out and place it in a clear or colored transparent envelope. It will be easy to grab on your way out the door to the airport, and easy to find in your bag. The envelope also becomes a handy place to store business receipts.

Weigh your bag with a hand-held scale. We’ve all packed for a trip and wondered if the bag is under the TSA allotted 50-pound mark. Take the guess work out of packing with a hand-held scale. They’re available on Amazon around $20.

If you book your own flights, use to organize all aspects of your getaway. The site will email you confirmation messages about your flight, hotel, car, rail, restaurant reservations and activities. It even compiles them into a single itinerary that includes confirmation numbers, locations, weather maps, city guides, restaurant reservations and more.

If you don’t have a corporate travel department, there are several websites online that help multiple travelers coordinate the same trip. Check out Groopvine, a service from, and

Get real-time flight updates on your PDA or mobile phone. You can get real-time flight statuses and updates on your Internet-enabled mobile phone or PDA. To receive a text message from Yahoo! with your flight status, visit and type in your airline and flight number, or send a text message to 92466 (which spells YAHOO) with your airline and flight number. For Google, send a text message to 466453 (which spells GOOGLE) to receive a status message back.

Road-weary and almost home, but can’t remember where you parked? Next time, use your phone to snap a photo of the area marker in the lot when you arrive -because you have more important things to file away in your brain.

If you visit a client and city frequently, it may be more economical to book long-term hotel rates. Find out if your hotel of choice gives a discount for extended stays.

To avoid hotels with bedbugs, visit, which lists U.S. hotels with bedbug reports.

Call the hotel in advance and request items or preferences that will make your hotel stay more enjoyable, such as a water view, a bottle of wine, or a particular newspaper.

If you fly internationally, keep in mind that some countries will not allow visitors to enter if their passports show they have been to certain countries. To avoid a potential debacle, apply for a “restricted” passport, in addition to your regular passport, for use only when entering these countries. Restricted passports are issued by the State Department, and may require proof of need, such as a confirmed itinerary.

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